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Tyler James Austenfeld – A Great Ukulele Teacher
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Hi my name is Tyler, and I am a teacher. I have been teaching for as long as I can remember. When I was in high … Read More

Craig Manning – A Man Of Many Talents
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It was the autumn of 2010 when Craig Manning, a former drummer / percussionist who, in contemplating ways he could musically accompany himself as a vocalist, … Read More

Michael Shepherd – A Very Talented Uke Player
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The Ukulele appeared in my life back in May 2011. The only reason I started playing is because I heard ‘Tip Toe through the Tulips’ on … Read More

Michael Adcock – A Star In The Making
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My music life started 5 years ago when a family friend introduced me to the Ukulele. He played charity gigs around the local area and we … Read More

Richard Hefner – Does Great Ukulele Tutorials
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I began playing ukulele in 2001 when I stopped by a yard sale and found about a half dozen old ukuleles there. None of them were … Read More

Harald Boxtart – This Man Is A Class Act
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Fellow Ukulele players, I’m very honoured by the fact that I was asked by Mike Warren to write something about when, how and why I started … Read More