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Richard HefnerI began playing ukulele in 2001 when I stopped by a yard sale and found about a half dozen old ukuleles there. None of them were great quality but it was enough to get me started and pretty soon I bought a decent quality soprano Uke I had been playing guitar and banjo since back in the 1970s so a lot of my ukulele techniques have been variations of the way I play those instruments.

In 1999 I had started a website called to help people learn to play claw hammer banjo, and followed it a few months later with to teach folk guitar. I soon found out that it was complicating my life to keep up with two different websites, so a year later (2000) I merged them both into The “ez” part of the website name was chosen partly because it was available, but probably more importantly, it was my intention to help people learn to play using easy songs and techniques.

Within a year or two of starting to play the ukulele I began to put guitar and banjo on the back burner more and more, and these days I rarely pick up anything but the ukulele.

I’ve played a lot of claw hammer and finger style ukulele in the past and created a lot of tablature for the Uke, but as I get older (I’m now 63) I’m finding more enjoyment in keeping things on a simpler level as far as the teaching videos.

Lately my focus has been on creating videos of popular songs, including chords and lyrics in what I hope is an enjoyable way for people to learn. These are mostly what I call “Easy Ukulele Strum-Along” songs that are suitable for beginners or even more advanced players who want to learn the chords, lyrics, and melody of a song in a simple format. My goal is to create a lot of songs in this format that can be sorted into separate categories (e.g. Christmas songs, country songs, 1960s songs, gospel songs, John Prine songs, Beatles songs, or whatever). I enjoy doing that sort of thing and I’m hoping it’ll be helpful for a lot of people.


Thanks to Richard for this biography. He’s great at teaching people how to play songs on the Ukulele.
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