Craig Manning – A Man Of Many Talents

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Craig Manning

It was the autumn of 2010 when Craig Manning, a former drummer / percussionist who, in contemplating ways he could musically accompany himself as a vocalist, began having night dreams about small stringed instruments, notably the Ukulele. The last of these occurred on December 21st of that year, on the following morning he saw Paul McCartney on a TV talk show singing and strumming a Uke.


Craig says he remembers looking skywards and thinking thank you, I have all the signs I need. He bought his first ukulele that day and began to learn to play.


In 2011, after a summer spent in a wheelchair due to an accident, Craig began pondering ways in which new found passion and skills could be implemented as an earnings tool. A plan was floated, strategized and hatched.


Currently Craig performs in excess of 160 solo voice and ukulele shows annually at clubs, cafes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, libraries, art galleries and private events. He also teaches beginner to intermediate ukulele plus plays bars, corporate events and community festivals as lead vocalist in Toronto’s Blackboard Blues Band.


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You can find Craig here on YouTube – Find Craig Here


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