Michael Adcock – A Star In The Making

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Michael AdcockMy music life started 5 years ago when a family friend introduced me to the Ukulele. He played charity gigs around the local area and we followed him around and gave him our support. However at one of his gigs their was an auction with a Phil Cartwright Ukulele in it for sale. I somehow managed to convince my parents to start bidding on it but it ended up going for over £500 so we had to stop. I was very upset by this but Phil was there on the night and very kindly offered to make me what was to be my very first Ukulele. So after 6 weeks of impatient waiting my Ukulele was ready to be collected. We went to Phil’s house to pick it up and he showed me my first few chords.

I started off playing jazz pieces with a very George Formby inspired technique, but over time gradually changed to the not so popular side of the Ukulele and started playing rock, pop and minimalism. During my music life I have been introduced to so many amazing ukulele artistes such as Jake Shimabukuro, James Hill, Ryo Natoyama, Tomoki Sato and Aldrine Guerro all of which I respect very highly and have had the honour of meeting all 5.

I spend hour after hour on YouTube not only listening to these 5 artistes and picking up their techniques but also hour after hour studying non-ukulele heroes of mine such as Jeff Buckley, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Matt Bellamy and Brian May and picking up their skills and techniques and putting it into my playing to develop my own style.

A massive thanks to Michael for this biography. He is a really nice guy to know too.

Mike Warren

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