Michael Shepherd – A Very Talented Uke Player

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Michael Shepherd & His Dad GaryThe Ukulele appeared in my life back in May 2011. The only reason I started playing is because I heard ‘Tip Toe through the Tulips’ on a movie at the cinema and later that day asked my dad to show me how to play the song as a mess around. Luckily he had a few Uke’s handy. If you look on YouTube at gshep071 the video of my first attempt is there. Ever since, I’ve been hooked.
I started to discover my niche with a Soprano and worked my way up to a Tenner Uke When I started learning different techniques I thought I’d try and write my own instrumentals. All my instrumentals are pure Uke for the fact I am a hopeless singer. My Instrumental private 11280 has taken me the longest to get complete but to date It’s my best piece so far with a deep meaning.
My first time performing alone in front of a live audience was during the summer of 2013 at the George Formby Society in Sheffield and this is where I meet the one and only Mike Warren. It was a nerve wrecking experience but I got through the performance. Since then I’ve become a lot better as a performer. I’ve played at a lot events including GNUF 2015 and met some big names in the Uke world. The latest being Jake Shimabukuro. All I’ll say is that guy can make the Uke sing.
I’m in the process of producing my first album, Ukulele Fever with all my own instrumentals that I’ve written over the last year or so.
Sadly last year my Dad Gary passed away. He was a fantastic musician and he showed me a lot. Without him I wouldn’t be able to do what I do today. One performance I’ll never forget is when we both played Duelling Ukulele’s at the open mic at GUNF 2014.
I love everything ukulele and hopefully get to meet more players and get to loads of events in the future.


You can find Michael here – http://ukulelefever.co.uk/


A big thanks to Michael for this biography.


Mike Warren


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